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Share’s fair value studies preparation

Share’s fair value studies preparation

Osoul performs the family business valuation and the joint stock companies’ shares and determines the share’s fair value for several reasons, including:

The entry of new partners and shareholders

The exit of one of the partners and shareholders

Capital increase

Mandatory or optional purchasing offers evaluate to determine their feasibility

Acquisition or merger one or more than company additional with a new company formation, either it has the same legal form of one of the merged companies or it has a new legal form different from the previous one.

Merger of a foreign and Egyptian company to form an Egyptian company

Divide a company into two or more than one company with the expiration or existence of the company subject to the division and in this case the companies ‘merger procedures will be followed to evaluate the capital provided that each of the incorporated company has an independent legal corporation.

Change the company’s legal formation.

We use different accepted methods in the valuation process, which represented for example but not limited:

Adjusted book value

Deducted cash flow

Deducted profits dividends

Market value

And other methods that commensurate with the company’s activity nature and operating ability at the time of report’s preparation.