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Economic Feasibility studies and market’s search

Economic Feasibility studies and market’s search

First: Economic feasibility study:

The company provides economic, technical, financial and legal consulting needed to establish, follow up and evaluate the investment projects whether new or existing projects by performing the following tasks:

Marketing study preparation by determining the general features of the market , data & marketing information collecting and analyzing , preparing the survey needed to determine the expected request size and forecast the project’s portion from the request size.

The technical study preparation by determining the project’s productive energy, selecting the appropriate production method as well as determining the investment costs needed to the project from the initial investment and working capital.

The financial study preparation by the expected revenues & costs and assessment of profits and cash flows.

Financing study’s preparation by determining the investment opportunities funding sources and selection of the suitable financing structure.

Provide the necessary technical support and the professional advice to the project’s owner and management at all stages to ensure their goals achievement.

Second: Market’s searches

In this filed the company undertakes the following tasks:

Identify the available opportunities before the companies at the local & exporting market.

Plans’ evaluation related to new products in the market offer.

Measure the extent of effectiveness the selling & marketing devices

Marketing strategies

The extent of clients’ satisfaction measure & advertising effectiveness

This includes providing the client with an entire image of the project’s marketing aspects subject to study to enable the client to make a decision on a right base. In this regard, we are preparing a study about good or service market to be provided, which aims to determine the marketing effect of the project.