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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Due diligence procedures as follows:

Determine the book cost of the company’s net assets subject to inspection through the following terms :

Determine the company’s liabilities subject to inspection.

Main suppliers’ & creditors’ balances


The capital

Identify to the taxation position of the company and the extent of due taxation liabilities existence other than what have been proven in the light of the governing instructions and laws

Identify the judicial position to know the liabilities related to the filed disputes by or against the company to the third party.

Determine the net shareholders equity by deducting the total of liabilities from its net assets after taking into account any adjustments’ value based on the due diligence procedures results related to both of assets & liabilities determination

Accordingly, the company’s share value is evaluated after influence of the due diligence outcomes on the net shareholders equity by dividing the net shareholders on the issued shares numbers.