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Corporate Financial & Administrative Restructuring

Corporate Financial & Administrative Restructuring

First: Financial restructuring:

The company provides the following services:

A detailed analysis performing to identify the reasons of the company’s failure.

Financial analysis for data & financial statements.

Company’s re-valuation

Study the available alternatives for restructuring.

Negotiate with the creditors in collaboration with the legal advisor of the company with the purpose of financial restructuring.

Provide the regular technical advice to the client, performance follow up until the completion of entire debt payment.

Second: Administrative restructuring:

Determine strategic and aims of the entity.

Study the applied organizational & administrative structure at the entity.

Design the organizational structures with the clear determination for the authority & supervision scope

 Divide the company’s activity into administrative units according to activity’s nature , site or clients’

Describe and arrange the positions

Prepare wages’ structures and employees benefits

Prepare the organizational regulations (employees’ affairs- financial – purchasing & stores – revenues…)

Put policies and integrated administrative solutions to develop the manpower and the institutional performance as well as supervision on its application.

Participate in the companies’ efficiency raising in the field of human resources