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Authenticated sponsors at NILEX

Authenticated sponsors at NILEX

Authenticated-sponsors-at-NILEXThe company performs the role of the authenticated Sponsor for the small and medium companies already registered or desire to register at the NILEX through undertaking the following tasks:


Habilitation , support, advice and guidance providing in the companies’ position conciliation with regard to whether the company is suitable for registry at NILEX or not

Consultations & technical support providing in the process of completion of all procedures of central registry and depository

Technical advice providing for the companies of how to comply with the disclose roles and keeping on their continuing registry at the Exchange

Help the company in the process of shares’ offering for underwriting ,whether it is public or private

Ensure the company’s knowledge of its obligations to register at the exchange

Assist the company in the financial statements’ preparing and submit them at the determined time

Prepare all requirements related to the Egyptian Financial Supervision Authority , NILEX for the company’s continuing registry at the exchange