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Abdulrahman Safwat Nour El Den

Managing director

  • Managing director at Osoul Arabia Financial Consultant & Securities Company since July 2008.
  • He holds Bachelor of Commerce in 1970.
  • Joined to Central Bank of Egypt on August 30, 1971 and has held several administrative positions until August 22, 2006. His last position’s degree at the bank was General Manager at General Administration of Banking Supervision (Supervision and Control Sector).
  • He has been entrusted to important activities at CBE for example :
    • Participate in the updating and development of banks’ register and successive amendments in the laws governing the work of the Central Bank and the banking system
    • Participate in preparation of the banks’ auditors register.
    • Participate in preparation of a sub-register of banks’ branches enrolled in the register of banks as well as the register of foreign exchange offices.
    • Participate in automating all records of Banking Affairs Department.
    • Participate in the proposed amendments to the law of the bank and credit.
    • Participate in automating the work of the Department of Banking Affairs during the project of mechanization at the bank.
    • Membership of the committee selecting the executives’ managers of exchange companies.
    • Participating in the committee preparing the executive regulations for the draft law of the Central Bank and the banking system issued by Law No. 88 of 2003.
    • Participate in setting the rules to be available in the boards of directors and managers of banks and update their data, guided by the status statements of the British FSA in this field.
    • Prepare and update the regulatory instructions issued by the control and supervision sector in relation to the management of banking affairs.
    • Definition of the incoming missions to the Central Bank of Egypt from some Arab central banks (Palestine – Jordan – Sudan) with the development of the Egyptian banking system and the functions assigned to the management of banking affairs.